We believe that everyone deserves to be free from pain.  We also believe that the planet should not be harmed in the pursuit of relief. 

Who needs one more generic, mass-produced plastic piece of junk that will eventually wind up in the trash? 

No one, that’s who! 

We are proud to offer a bodywork tool made from biodegradable materals that were grown, not refined.


Our hand-crafted tool is itself a work of art. Each Knuckleball™ is wonderfully unique.  

Rather than injection molding a million identical units, we take the time to hand sand, stain, and polish our creations. 

Each is a beautiful creation.

DIY Proud

DIY Proud

When we couldn’t find a massage tool that got the job done, we designed one ourselves.  When we couldn’t find a manufacturer to make them, we decided to do that too.

We don’t take no for an answer or settle for not good enough.  That shines through in the quality of our work and the way we treat our customers. 

You are not buying from a nameless, faceless dropshipper selling mass-produced, petroleum-based tools from who knows where.  You are buying from real people sweating it out in their San Francisco garage to bring something beautiful into the world.  

We Do It Ourselves, Proudly!