Natural Sources

1. Materials

We use a wood fiber PLA filament which allows us to create tools which look, feel, and smell like wood.

Polylactic Acid, most commonly known as PLA, is a polymer made from renewable resources such as corn and sugar cane. Other massage tool use petroleum-based thermopastics.  

Because it is made from organic materials, PLA is industrially biodegradable.

2. 3D Printing

We originally wanted to have the Knuckleball™ made from wood, but it turns out that it is too complicated to make with wood turning.

Our next best idea was to print it with wood-fiber filament.

We used 3D Printing technology to design, test, and ultimately produce the body and base of the Knuckleball™.

3. Cleaning

Rather than relying on power tools to clean our children, we do it by hand.

We use a combination of hand held tools to remove any remnants of the 3D printing process and whittle it down to perfection.

hand sanded

4. Sanding

We hand sand each Knuckleball™ with 5 different grains of sandpaper until it is silky smooth.

stained and sealed by hand

5. Finishing

Each Knuckleball™ is buffed, stained (except for the Natural), sealed with tung oil, and then buffed again.  

6. Packaging

We only use recyclable materials and follow industry best practices to minimize packaging materials as much as possible.  

local shipping

7. Shipping

We use the USPS to get our products to their new homes ASAP.