muscle scraping tool

As scary as scraping sounds, it’s really pretty awesome. The benefit of scraping is to help align the fibers of the muscle. The use of instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation is especially effective with post-surgery patients, muscle tears, and damaged ligaments (aka sprains).

When we use muscle scraping on muscle tears or post-surgery this is when we’re trying to break down scar tissue. We’re trying to realign the fibers of the muscles. When we’ve realigned the fibers of the muscles or realigned that scar tissue that has formed, we’re helping that muscle work better and contract more smoothly. Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, and Chiropractors widely use muscle scraping technique to address damage resulting from a soft tissue injury.acupuncture.


What makes a good Muscle Scraping Tool?

You need a firm but smooth edge that speads out the force of the treatment. The Knuckleball™ provides exactly that. Spreading out the force of the treatment cuts down on bruising and makes the scraping session both more comfortable and more effective.

muscle scraping tool

The side of each knuckle provides a firm but smooth scraping surface that dissipates the force of the treatment over a greater area.  The Knuckleball™ allows you to deliver a vigorous muscle scraping session more gently.  See the Knuckleball™ being used for Muscle Scraping below.

Muscle Scraping Therapy for Scar Tissue

Sports injuries and surgical scars respond especially well to muscle scraping.  One very common surgical scar that responds quite well to this type of treatment is that resulting from a C-Section delivery.  Scraping is usually used to relieve muscle knots, adhesions, trigger points, all those things associated with the fascia. It can also be used for general stiffness and lack of range of motion.

There are some side effects associated with this type of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. Your skin may be red and even tender following a treatment, but it will fade shortly. The application of arnica topically often helps to calm the area. Those on blood thinners may experience bruising and should inform Dr. Smith of the use of such medications before a treatment. Also, don’t forget that many natural anti-inflammatories have similar effects to NSAIDs on the body . The same is true for some vitamins, such as A, C & E.